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Software AG provides the fluid flow of data that gives businesses, industries, and humanity the power to instantly see, act and thrive.

About Software AG

Working together in a truly connected world Software allows everything and everyone to work together in a truly connected world. It is the ultimate value driver. That is why we set out to become the software pioneers of a truly connected world. It is our mission to empower you to become a truly connected enterprise. As a truly connected enterprise, you can be ready to make better decisions every day, accelerate innovation by breaking through all silos and continuously delight your customers with highly personalized experiences. By combining agility with ingenuity, we have created an unbeatable suite of products—in integration and API management, IoT and analytics, and business transformation—that make truly connected enterprises come alive. We’re not new to this. 

Since 1969, we’ve been dedicated to transforming more than 10,000 businesses. Our solutions can either work side-by-side with existing infrastructure—or replace it. We help any enterprise by integrating and connecting everything to everything, ensuring they can instantly see, decide, act—and thrive.

Today our infrastructure software makes a world of living connections possible. Every day, millions of lives around the world are connected by our technologies. A fluid flow of data fuels hybrid integration and the Industrial Internet of Things. By connecting applications on the ground and in cloud, businesses, governments and humanity can instantly see opportunities, make decisions and act immediately. Software AG connects the world to keep it living and thriving. For more information, visit

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Software AG and the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator

Nadeem Malik, head of UK & Ireland at Software AG said: The change that companies saw during 2020 was unprecedented, but we shouldn’t expect the need to quickly adapt and innovate to stop with the end of the Covid pandemic. We will always need new ideas, new ways of looking at challenges and new solutions to keep businesses moving in the right direction. The work of digital transformation is never done, which is why we’re committed to the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator programme, to help make sure that new ideas are given every opportunity to become reality.”

The importance of manufacturing innovation and adoption of technology:

Innovation and the adoption of digital initiatives should be a continual cycle and part of any manufacturing company’s business & strategic transformations. Manufacturers who are willing to commit to technology and digital innovation will see quicker returns as long as they advance beyond the pilot stages. 

Disruptions often effect the manufacturing sector in terms of supply chain and logistics. But recent events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrate the need for accelerating the shift towards advanced manufacturing, digital planning and more available access to in-house data to ensure continued operations. Never has there been more of a need for the connected and digitised worker. Manufacturers at the leading edge of IIoT have had their digital systems and operations pressurised by the pandemic in ways not seen ever before.  

Every company that wants to be agile has to embrace innovation and turn real-time insights into right-time actions. Combining current, real-time metrics with historical data to assess in an automated way if current processes are on-track — and to identify corrective steps if they’re not — is a valuable prospect for manufacturers today who face more scrutiny, disruptive elements and competition than ever. Digital is revolutionising business, and manufacturing is an industry that has the opportunity to reap the benefits of innovation and the adoption of technology.

Software AG case studies:

Smart manufacturing IoT analytics comes to life at SMC, which uses Cumulocity IoT to provide an easily scalable solution for predictive maintenance, leakage detection and energy efficiency monitoring. SMC: Smart manufacturing with IoT analytics 

Find out how Autosen chose to partner with Software AG for its Cumulocity IoT platform to simplify connecting sensors. The open platform makes it easy. Autosen chooses the Cumulocity IoT Internet of Things platform for simplicity & experience

To accelerate digital transformation and reinforce transparency around process management, Siemens looked for a reliable partner to provide the basis for innovative process optimization. The decision was made in favour of Software AG and its ARIS products.For Siemens, it’s ARIS for process management

Griesser shifts to digital and innovates new customer solutions using IoT device connectivity, API management and data integration across systems—all in the cloud and available by subscription IoT device connectivity and API management help Griesser innovate new customer solutions

webMethods is the well-oiled integration engine behind Hyundai. Even when workloads create exceptionally high-frequency and large data volumes, webMethods handles them, giving the automaker a stable and lightweight application integration to build 1.5 million vehicles a year. Hyundai drives up revenue and productivity using webMethods for application integration