Are all technology startups or scaleups invited to participate in Made Smarter Technology Accelerator?

Application – Company requirements (startup)

The technology solutions that will be considered for the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator are:

  • Future networks and advanced digital infrastructure (5G and the internet of things including low powered wide area networks, NB-IoT, LIFI etc. and includes sensors, edge devices, wearables etc.)
  • Immersive technologies – Extended reality (virtual, augmented, mixed reality and haptics)
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning (natural language processing, machine vision, deep learning)
  • Distributed ledger technologies (Blockchain etc.)

Applicants will need to illustrate technological expertise that can be applied to the industry challenges set in a way that has the potential to pivot these challenges forward. The solutions proposed will need to sit within the above technology categories to be considered. These are the core technology areas at the Digital Catapult work within and have been identified by us as those too offer the most impact and outputs to the manufacturing sector.