Join the programme as an industrial company

Discover the many ways to join Made Smarter Technology Accelerator as someone working in industrial settings from manufacturers, retailers and utilities through to technology providers or vendors.

Made Smarter Technology Accelerator is a national programme set to fast forward and shape the UK’s technology innovation directly into industry.

The programme has uniquely been designed for industry and provides UK manufacturers and industrial companies the opportunity to take advantage of UK’s largest and most prominent, industry-focused acceleration programme. Joined by our Tech Sponsors and delivered by Digital Catapult and UKRI – together we will help to drive further understanding and digitalisation of the sector whilst gaining a competitive edge.

We’ll be joined by the UK’s powerful community of startup innovators as they develop forward-thinking technology solutions and industry-tailored prototypes to many of the UK’s core manufacturing challenges, set by our Industry Challenge Owners and partners.

Partners who join the programme will:

  • Be part of the first accelerator of its kind tailored directly for industry
  • Join a network of early adopters focused on recovering and transforming industry through advanced digital technologies
  • Part of the national Made Smarter movement backed by UK government, partnered with Digital Catapult this programme will springboard and drive the Made Smarter mission forward directly with industry
  • Collaborate with like-minded businesses to transform and drive the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator forward
  • Benefit from marketing association and recognition as being at the forefront of industry adoption


Made Smarter Technology Accelerator partners and challenges

The programme is supported by nine sponsors from our Industry Challenge Owners and Tech Sponsors:

Babcock International Group

Programme challenges:

  • Warrior base overhaul
  • Digital shipbuilding

BAE Systems

Programme challenges:

  • Scalable AI for visual inspection
  • Dynamic workflow management


Programme challenges:

  • Asphalt material characterisation
  • Machine vision systems for product conformance and machine condition.

Northumbrian Water

Programme challenges:

  • Sewer blockages smart Porcupine
  • Water network monitoring and real time analysis.

O’Neills Irish International Sports Company Ltd

Programme challenges:

  • Product customisation – intelligent verification
  • Automation of production.

Safran landing Systemsz

Programme challenges:

  • Adaptive scheduling and performance monitoring
  • Implementation of SPC on all test rigs in the assembly shop


Programme challenges:

  • Microbial control in ready to eat foods
  • Increasing shelf life and sell through of products while reducing waste

Software AG

Software AG connects the world to keep it living and thriving.


Verizon helps keep your business ready with technology solutions to give you confidence to move ahead in a digital world.

Programme timeline

Made Smarter Technology Accelerator timeline of activities and ways to get involved:

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