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What is the Made Smarter Innovation Sustainability Accelerator?

Made Smarter Innovation Sustainability Accelerator is a national programme designed for the UK manufacturing industry.

It provides UK manufacturers the opportunity to fast forward their adoption of digital solutions that deliver resource efficiency and energy efficiency (REEE).

The programme is aimed at supporting the manufacturing sector’s transition to net zero emissions in alignment with the UK Government’s environmental goals. The manufacturing sector contributes over 11% to UK Gross value added (GVA) and 12% of UK greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Policymakers set out a target reduction of CO2 emissions by 4.5% (Made Smarter, 2017) and a legally binding target of 68% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030 (Net Zero Strategy).

To overcome the difficulties associated with sustainability in manufacturing, industry partners will work with Digital Catapult and HVM Catapult to scope and define real-world sustainability challenges. Ten startups will join the programme to prototype and pilot innovative solutions to these challenges that utilise artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced digital technologies.

Benefits for the industry

MSISA directly addresses current and future industrial challenges that deliver resource & energy efficiency (REEE). The focus is on developing high-quality and impactful solutions that make effective use of artificial intelligence (AI) and other digital technologies to maximise the value of data. The aim is to foster a culture of innovation that enables the implementation of new digital strategies and technology roadmaps.

By actively participating in these efforts, industrial players have the opportunity to become leading market innovators. This involvement can lead to the development of new opportunities and partnerships, supported by premium branding, increased visibility, and the inclusion of press releases.

Why get involved

The program offers several benefits to potential participants, targeting those who are interested in advancing their ideas or projects. These benefits include:

Prototype funding

Leading startups will be provided with funding to develop challenge focused proof-of-concept prototypes.

Get investment ready

The programme will increase a startup’s investment readiness level through tailored support.

Business expertise

Support network of industry and technology experts to help develop impactful proof of concepts and build new technology prototypes

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