Accelerating sustainability through innovation

Funded by the Made Smarter Innovation Challenge and Innovate UK, the programme is led and delivered by Digital Catapult.
UKRI Innovate

Programme timeline

Made Smarter Innovation Sustainability Accelerator timeline of activities and ways to get involved:

Made Smarter Innovation Sustainability Accelerator Open Call Webinar

This online webinar provided attendees with an overview of the Made Smarter Innovation Sustainability Accelerator, a UK-wide programme to accelerate industrial sustainability and leverage cutting-edge technologies to drive environmental impact.

The participants had the opportunity to meet the Industry Challenge Owners (ICOs) of the programme – BAE Systems, Creagh Concrete and HS2 – hear about their challenges first-hand, and ask any questions regarding the programme’s application and selection process.

Programme benefits

The programme offers several benefits to potential participants, targeted towards those who are interested in advancing their ideas or projects. These benefits include:

Grant funding

Leading startups will be provided with £75,000 funding to develop challenge-focused solutions.

Business expertise

Support network of industry and technology experts to help develop impactful proof of concepts and build new technology prototypes.

Group learning

Group sessions with the other companies on the programme, sharing learnings and insights gained from the programme as well as previous expertise.

Sustainability masterclass

A focused session to help develop and build technology solutions for sustainability-focused manufacturers.

Technical monitoring

Engineering expertise to increase confidence in the product development and push the boundaries of the technology – this monitoring also includes inputs from Digital Catapult technologists.

Funding for further development

Up to four companies will get access to additional £100,000 funding for continued development of their prototype within a pilot environment.

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