Success stories

Highlighting the success stories from the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator

Case studies

In the second phase of the programme, four startups and scaleups were selected from the prototype phase. Each project received additional £100,000 funding to build minimum viable products (MVP) to address the manufacturing challenges set by the Industry Challenge Owners.


Using digital twin technology to improve inspection processes

Babcock International Group’s challenge for the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator (MSTA) programme was to develop and deliver a digital twin to feed into the Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicles Overhaul. This would be used to help ensure the integrity of vehicle hulls, using FaroArm technology and stringent non-destructive testing (NDT).

The solution needed to include 3D measurements and collate and assess NDT data as a digital twin feed. Although software is available for the FaroArm and also for NDT, it wasn’t yet possible to bring measurements and assessments together for the Babcock system.

Machine Intelligence

Using AI to analyse digital X-ray images

BAE Systems was one of the industry challenge owners for the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator (MSTA) programme. They were looking for a solution to a unique inspection challenge: to automatically analyse digital X-ray images with a high level of confidence. How could an AI system be trained when there were very few examples available?

Through the MSTA, Machine Intelligence (an innovative startup with unique machine learning software), took on the challenge, and worked with BAE Systems to develop a prototype that would solve the problem.

Riscon Solutions & Inventia UK

Remotely monitoring drinking water quality

If drinking water quality can be remotely monitored, the data provided in near real time could prevent contamination from reaching customers and prevent costly failures in the network. This would result in cost savings for the water utilities, as well as maintaining a safe, high quality water supply. Northumbrian Water Limited, one of the industry challenge owners for the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator, wanted to partner with innovators who could help them by developing a viable solution.

They selected the Riscon-Inventia (now Telkoa) partnership to work with. Riscon had experience in water, and Inventia had digital expertise, making their combined skillsets ideal for developing an end to-end solution from scratch.

Total Control Pro

Dynamic scheduling that reacts intelligently to changes in customer demand

As an industry challenge owner for the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator (MSTA), Safran Landing Systems wanted to partner with the right technology innovators to develop a dynamic rules-based scheduling system that could reduce complexity and increase efficiency. The solution needed to be rules-based, yet adaptable and scalable.

Total Control Pro, Safran’s chosen innovation partner, worked with them to deliver an MVP that used large real-time datasets to make complex scheduling decisions. This meant that Safran could move away from expediting, and adopt an agile planning and scheduling process.

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