This solution uses existing equipment and combined data output to create an automatic 3D dataset, to ease the hull inspection process.


Babcock International Group challenge: Warrior base overhaul

This challenge looks to assess, develop and deliver a joined-up system that provides a digital twin to feed into the Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicles Overhaul. A key element of the overhaul is to ensure the integrity of the vehicle hull – the armoured shell of the vehicle. Once stripped down to its bare condition (all components removed, paint removed, etc.), this has to be fully measured using FaroArm technology and stringent non-destructive testing (NDT). Although software is available for the FaroArm and also for NDT, it is not currently possible to bring the measurements and assessments together on to the Babcock system. The solution should include 3D measurements and allow for NDT data to be collated and assessed as one digital twin feed, with the data available to assure hull integrity and suitability for overhaul.

You can read more Babcock and its two challenges here

About JetSoft Ltd

JetSoft is dedicated to developing and supplying solutions which improve the capture, management and utilisation of inspection and quality control information. Its innovative systems unlock the extraordinary value in inspection data. It aids advanced manufacturers to utilise the data that it captures to drive operations, reduce waste, maximise quality and increase productivity. JetSoft works with some of the world’s largest companies and has a proven track record of delivering solutions which produce significant commercial benefits.

The solution

This project aims to develop a solution that will utilise existing equipment and combined data output to create an automatic 3D dataset – easing the hull inspection process. Existing solutions target improved traceability relying on the use of automated systems, but these systems perform poorly on some components’ geometries and require large investment by the users. The proposed system will integrate existing technologies and working practices, requiring less investment and retraining. Producing rich 3D datasets, to better understand about equipment and health trends, the solution will improve inspection operations and enable detailed analysis of advanced equipment and components.

The objective of the project is to develop a solution which will ease the inspection process, produce richer datasets:

Improving traceability

Enabling dynamic maintenance schedules

Providing a greater level of detail to digital twins

Meeting new regulatory requirements

What the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator means to Jetsoft

“JetSoft is excited to work with the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator programme and Babcock International Group to develop an innovative solution, that not only will solve an immediate challenge of collating measurements from FaroArm technology and non-destructive testing assessments for integrated hull inspections, but create a product which will further advance the manufacturing sector.”
Tom Martin CEO, JetSoft Ltd

Business achievements

  • JetSoft has developed unique solutions, that are highly regarded in the industry
  • JetSoft has delivered to some of the world’s largest companies across Europe and USA
  • The software is being used to drive down scrap and improve productivity with proven results
  • Developed unique partnerships with leading inspection equipment providers

MVP presentation pitch

On 09 December 2021, the programme culminated with the minimum viable product (MVP) pitches. Watch the Jetsoft pitch below.

5 minutes with Tom Martin, CEO of Jetsoft

Talk us through an average day in the life of a Jetsoft employee?

Every day is exciting at JetSoft. We’re a small team that works with a diverse set of clients worldwide.

So, a day might start with an early morning meeting with a potential mining client in Australia and end with discussing some new potential features with an existing aerospace manufacturer client in the U.S.

No two days are the same, so at any one time, as a team we may be working on some new machine learning models, developing some new information management features, integrating some new data source, sitting on regulatory committee meetings, visiting a customer site, working with partners on some new ideas, or just trying to communicate the power of inspection data to the industry.

What’s the best thing about startup life for you?

Seeing your ideas come to life, feeling part of a dynamic team and developing cutting edge technology.

What’s it been like working with Babcock International Group?

Working with Babcock has been amazing. The team has really bought into the project, devoted their time to it and backed it; their input has been a large contributor in enabling us to get to this stage.

How do you think digital technologies are going to impact the defence industry?

Digital technologies have the potential to revolutionise manufacturing, not least because we’re coming from such low base.

There is still such a heavy reliance on physical, paper-based reporting which is slow, lacks traceability, is next to impossible to utilise, and makes the process exceptionally inefficient.

If we can capture this data digitally it can be utilised for continuous improvement, to guide operations, be used by the latest AI algorithms to automatically direct process flow and operations for maximum commercial benefit, and direct manufacturing processes in real time to reduce the likelihood of defects.

I believe companies must digitise to survive, which poses challenges but also should be seen as a huge commercial opportunity.

What are your hopes for the future of your solution?

For Babcock I’m confident that we’ll get the solution off the ground, working and delivering significant benefit. Beyond that, I’m hoping we can get to the stage of having a fully packaged solution that we can take to market.

Several existing clients have expressed an interest in the project and so we have an initial route to market which I hope to exploit.

What are your biggest learnings from the programme to date?

To listen and be agile and dynamic. Ultimately, the challenge owner is a typical customer who is looking to us to develop a solution that not only benefits them but solves a challenge that affects the industry.

We went into this process with preconceived ideas, that were challenged early on. We were able to use this to adapt, pivot slightly and ultimately develop a better solution.

What are you most excited about heading into the minimum viable product phase of the programme?

Getting to continue the great work we have been doing, but ultimately getting the ideas to a production phase, where our challenge owner starts to realise the benefits of our work.

More to watch

Prototype Presentation

On 23 June 2021, the programme proudly presented the first phase insights and learnings for industry in an online event. Watch the Jetsoft pitch below.

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