What are the benefits of joining the Made Smarter Innovation Sustainability Accelerator?


For startups from the digital innovation community the programme will provide you with:

Phase 1: Prototype Development  (June – October ‘24)

  • Grant funding: Selected startups will be provided with funding of £75,000 to develop challenge-focussed solutions.
  • Business expertise: Bi-weekly meetings with the Digital Catapult team of experts and industry challenge owners to assess, iterate and accelerate your technology solutions for increasing resource efficiency and energy efficiency (REEE).
  • Group learning: Group sessions with the other companies on the Programme, sharing learnings and insights gained from the Programme as well as previous expertise.
  • Sustainability Masterclass: A focused session to help you develop and build technology solutions for sustainability-focussed manufacturers.
  • Technical monitoring: Engineering and product management expertise to increase confidence in the product development and push the boundaries of the technology – this monitoring also includes inputs from Digital Catapult technologists and product.
  • Access to facilities: For the duration of the programme, the cohort may be able to make use of Digital Catapult Lab London (Immersive Lab, Future Network Lab), as well as site visits to industry challenge owner’s premises.
  • Midpoint Development Review Opportunity to demonstrate product development progress and share lessons learned at the Midpoint Development Review online event in the week commencing 14th October 2024.

Phase 2: Further Prototype development within pilot environment (October ‘24 – February ‘25)

  • Grant funding: Selected startups will be provided with further funding of £100,000 to develop challenge-focused solutions.
    • Business expertise: Cohort support for assessing the value and potential impact of the proposed solutions and identifying paths for further development and commercialisation.  
    • Peer to Peer learning (as above)
  • Technical monitoring (as above)
  • Access to facilities and site visits to Industry Challenge Owner’s premises (as above)
  • Investment-readiness support : Access to Digital Catapult’s investment team to help companies improve their investment readiness, understand what investors are looking for and answer specific business challenges, preparing them to start their fundraising process. 
  • Pitch training: One-to-one pitching sessions with a coach to support each company to practise and build the narrative and script for the Final Showcase event.
  • Final showcase event during which Participants will present to an invited audience of ICOs, investors, partners and industry stakeholders on the 19th of February 2025

Upon successful completion of the Accelerator Programme, the opportunity to join the Digital Catapult Alumni Network, which keeps companies informed of opportunities and relevant updates from the Digital Catapult, and which provides additional opportunities to engage with Digital Catapult and other Alumni.