What are the programme phases?

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The programme operates in three phases:

Phase one – partner onboarding and challenge setting
The first phase seeks our industrial sponsors to join the programme. At this phase we’ll work together with industry to set and define the challenges to be addressed by technological advancements.

Phase two – innovation community onboarding and prototypes
From December 2020 we’ll put out an open call to the innovative technology community. Following judging and contracting, up to 20 applicant teams will be selected to each receive up to £20,000 funding and the opportunity and support to develop prototypes that will pivot industry challenges. Successful applicants, from across the technology stack, will work directly with the industrial sponsors and Digital Catapult experts to develop prototypes and leading solutions. During this phase, successful applicants will gain access to focused workshops, facilities and mentorship that will complement and aid the funding to develop prototypes for industrial sponsors. We’ll present the final prototypes at the Industry Prototype Presentation, currently scheduled for June 2021.

Phase three – minimum viable products (MVP) and final showcase
On successful completion of phase one and the development of prototypes, the programme will select three applicant teams for further funding and support to develop their solution into minimum viable products. These solutions will be presented and pitched at the final Showcase currently scheduled for December 2021.