CAE Tech

Using tech from the gaming and music sectors to support shipbuilding engineers to collaborate on design in real time.

Babcock International Group challenge: Digital shipbuilding

Large scale modular construction projects (including shipbuilding) use state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD) modelling and analysis during the design stages. However, this valuable information is often lost or does not get translated efficiently through to the equipment and personnel on the manufacturing shop floor. Babcock is looking to develop a process to feeds specific 3D data from a ship design model to the point of use. The software and hardware should be developed considering new ways of presenting complex design data on the shop floor along with new methods of managing data access, version control and change management.

You can read more Babcock and its two challenges here

About CAE Tech Ltd

The most innovative manufacturers and their suppliers use technologies from CAE Tech to make mass-customisation achievable and accessible; and to communicate configurable and versioned product data with its customers and supply chain partners. Manufacturers achieve this through the development of bespoke cloud software solutions and the unique understanding of engineering design and analysis technologies.

The solution

Using novel interaction techniques, this project will enable an entire team, particularly those on the factory floor, to collaborate around computer-aided design (CAD) data. Cutting-edge technologies from the gaming and music sector paired with a cloud-based application will enable Babcock International Group engineers to connect the system with its CAD and bill of materials (BoM) data sources. This use of cloud-based applications allows real-time sharing of data and notification of stakeholders when versions of the designs are released or updated. Accessibility from any device and collaboration throughout the manufacturing process is ensured – from the very early stages of design, including key features of version control, 3D CAD viewing, and securing efficient access to engineering data.

For industry, the solution will:

  • Provide active communication from the factory-floor and external suppliers back to the engineering team
  • Enable robust development of the designs
  • Provide intuitive tracking of design’s changes that aids the revision control
  • Enable rapid access to accurate and up-to-date 3D models on the factory floor in a way that protects IPs and enables collaboration elimination of errors and rework during manufacturing
  • Significantly reduce project delays since the engineering data can be accessed efficiently in one place

What the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator means to CAE Tech

“We are extremely proud to have been selected by Babcock International Group and Digital Catapult for the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator. It is the perfect platform for CAE Tech to bring our technology and ideas to a new audience.” Peter Harman, Founder & CTO, CAE Tech Ltd 

Business achievements

  • Joined Silverstone Technology Cluster, 2021
  • Joined Digital Twin Consortium, 2020
  • Accepted into HUBCAP Horizon 2020 Innovation Hub, 2020
  • Invited Delegate at Confirm Smart Manufacturing Joining the Dots – Limerick 2020
  • Innovation Pitch Presenter at MTC Digitalising Manufacturing, Coventry 2019
  • Presenter at Smart Factory Expo Startup Pitch Clinic, Liverpool 2019
  • Innovation Alley Exhibitor at Smart Factory Expo, Liverpool 2019
  • Invited Delegate on KTN AI and Manufacturing Mission to Canada, Toronto 2019
  • Participant at KTN AI and Robotics Pitchfest, London 2019
  • Invited Delegate at Digital Catapult DETC Pit Stop, London 2018
  • Finalist at Digital Catapult Digital Manufacturing Hack and Pitch, Manchester 2017 and 2018

Prototype presentation

On 23 June 2021, the programme proudly presented the first phase insights and learnings for industry in an online event.  Watch the CAE Tech pitch here: