Solution uses existing equipment and combined data output to create an automatic 3D dataset, to ease the hull inspection process.

Babcock International Group challenge: Warrior base overhaul

This challenge looks to assess, develop and deliver a joined-up system that provides a digital twin to feed into the Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicles Overhaul. A key element of the overhaul is to ensure the integrity of the vehicle hull – the armoured shell of the vehicle. Once stripped down to its bare condition (all components removed, paint removed, etc.), this has to be fully measured using FaroArm technology and stringent non-destructive testing (NDT). Although software is available for the FaroArm and also for NDT, it is not currently possible to bring the measurements and assessments together on to the Babcock system. The solution should include 3D measurements and allow for NDT data to be collated and assessed as one digital twin feed, with the data available to assure hull integrity and suitability for overhaul.

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About JetSoft Ltd

JetSoft is dedicated to developing and supplying solutions which improve the capture, management and utilisation of inspection and quality control information. Its innovative systems unlock the extraordinary value in inspection data. It aids advanced manufacturers to utilise the data that it captures to drive operations, reduce waste, maximise quality and increase productivity. JetSoft works with some of the world’s largest companies and has a proven track record of delivering solutions that produce significant commercial benefits.

The solution

This project aims to develop a solution that will utilise existing equipment and combined data output to create an automatic 3D dataset – easing the hull inspection process. Existing solutions target improved traceability relying on the use of automated systems, but these systems perform poorly on some components’ geometries and require large investment by its users. The proposed system will integrate existing technologies and working practices, requiring less investment and retraining. Producing rich 3D datasets, to better understand about equipment and health trends, the solution will improve inspection operations and enable detailed analysis of advanced equipment and components.

The objective of the project is to develop a solution which will ease the inspection process and produce richer datasets:

  • Improving traceability
  • Enabling dynamic maintenance schedules
  • Providing a greater level of detail to digital twins
  • Meeting new regulatory requirements

What the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator means to Jetsoft

“JetSoft is excited to work with the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator programme and Babcock International Group to develop an innovative solution, that not only will solve an immediate challenge of collating measurements from FaroArm technology and non-destructive testing assessments for integrated hull inspections, but create a product that will further advance the manufacturing sector.” Tom Martin CEO, JetSoft Ltd 

Business achievements

  • JetSoft has developed unique solutions, that are highly regarded in the industry
  • JetSoft has delivered to some of the world’s largest companies across Europe and USA
  • The software is being used to drive down scrap and improve productivity with proven results
  • Developed unique partnerships with leading inspection equipment providers

Prototype presentation

On 23 June 2021, the programme proudly presented the first phase insights and learnings for industry in an online event.  Watch the Jetsoft pitch here: