Volatile Technologies

Adapting existing chemical and olfactory testing instruments to deliver non-invasive, batch-on-batch asphalt profiling, without any additional specialist lab equipment.

GAF challenge: Asphalt material characterisation

GAF is interested in developing a technology-based solution to characterise, identify and understand the critical to quality (CTQ) results and parameters associated with asphalt materials, which provide a durable surface for applications such as roads, pavements and car parks. This will help inform downstream manufacturing procedures and ensure a more dynamic process. The prototype will be used to predict and train models on how the ingredients are varying over time and, in turn, be used to inform modifications to the manufacturing process.

You can read more about GAF and the two challenges here.

About Volatile Technologies Ltd

Volatile AI is building a combined gas sensor and AI solution for olfactory and chemical property tracking. The solution relies on an initial database of sample variations. It is built to provide a more accessible and alternative to gas chromatography that is 10 times cheaper than existing solutions, especially in cases when testing in a fully featured lab is impractical.

The solution

Volatile AI is partnering with GAF to enable rapid and portable chemical testing for asphalt variations. The project plans to adapt the existing Volatile AI Scout-2 chemical and olfactory testing instrument to deliver non-invasive, batch-on-batch asphalt profiling, without any additional specialist lab equipment.

Volatile AI will adapt the chemical testing instrument for the detection in chemical variations in asphalt samples, supplied by GAF, and gather a database of hydrocarbon variations in different asphalt compositions. This chemical and olfactory testing system combines gas sensors with AI and a pre-trained database, allowing the chemical analysis to be conducted without a fully featured lab and without the need for highly-trained technicians. Beyond this, the testing aims to cut the cost by 10 times, when compared to gas chromatography.

For industry the solution will:
Create a novel, more user-friendly and lower cost chemical testing system than currently available.

What the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator means to Volatile Technologies Ltd

“The team at Volatile is incredibly excited to pilot and adapt our novel olfactory testing technology for GAF to be used in an industrial setting on the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator programme. This should allow much broader and more affordable chemical testing, ultimately guaranteeing the highest quality final product.” Adomas Malaiska, CEO, Volatile Technologies Ltd

Business achievements

  • Funding secured from SOSV and Entrepreneur First

Prototype presentation

On 23 June 2021, the programme proudly presented the first phase insights and learnings for industry in an online event.  Watch the Volatile AI pitch here: